Computer glasses or reading glasses

Computer glasses or reading glasses

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For many people it is unclear whether they need computer glasses or reading glasses. And what are actually the differences between these two? When you get more trouble reading at a short distance, you can benefit greatly from reading glasses. From an age of about 43 years it is quite normal for your eyes to deteriorate and that you can no longer do without reading glasses. The disadvantage of reading glasses, however, is that they are only suitable for a reading distance of 30 to 35 centimeters. A computer screen is usually further away, namely at about 50 to 60 centimeters distance. Reading glasses won’t help you, while you actually need them. Then computer glasses are the glasses you need.


At seeh. we often get the question: “When are computer glasses needed?” When you spend an average of two hours a day at the computer, you can already suffer from eye complaints and other physical complaints. For example, eye fatigue, headache, burning eyes or pain at the shoulders. Computer glasses then help. They help you to prevent and reduce the risks of these health problems.

If you already need reading glasses and do computerwork regularly, computerglasses will be very valuable. Whether you need computer glasses or reading glasses depends on the amount of time you spend at the computer. Reading glasses will then appear not to be sufficient.


At seeh. we are happy to help you choose the right computer glasses. We will see if it’s better for you to take computer glasses or reading glasses by taking a close look at your work. Do you ofte walk from one room to another during your work, do you use the computer only in your workplace or do you also take it to an external appointment or meeting? All points that are of interest for the right glasses.

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