Reimbursement computer glasses

Reimbursement computer glasses

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In IT, business economic, administrative professions, but also in healthcare and service professions, many people work with computers. This causes eye complaints to many employees . For example, intensive computer work can cause eye fatigue, mirroring or too small screens can lead to health problems, and the screen layout, the size of the symbols on the screen, and the use of color can cause eye fatigue as well. In the so-called risk inventory and evaluation, an employer should pay attention to computer work, considering the risks to the body and eyesight, and to the right to a reimbursement of computer glasses. That sounds complicated, or perhaps not?

Employers are obliged by law to prevent and limit eye complaints as much as possible. According to the Working Conditions Act, employees are already entitled to computer glasses when, on average, they spend more than two hours a day at the computer. They must then be given the opportunity to undergo an eye examination that relates to the eyes and eyesight. Employees who require reading glasses as well as those who do structural screen work and therefor need computer glasses are also entitled to a computer glasses reimbursement from their employer.


Any employee who is going to perform screen work has the right to undergo an eye examination before his first working day. Even if at a later date eye complaints or visual disturbances arise which may be the result of computer work, the employee is again given the opportunity to undergo an examination. If this research reveals that a computer glasses may help, these computer glasses must be reimbursed by the employer. Employees who already have reading glasses and perform computer work are also entitled to a computer glasses reimbursement.

seeh. makes it easy for employers to arrange a reimbursement of computer glasses by the employer. We can inform you extensively about the possibilities, our carefree working methods and all the rules concerning the reimbursement of computer glasses by the employer. Ideal if you don’t have time to figure out all of that.


Sometimes it is possible to deduct the costs for resources from the Tax authorities. If an employer makes use of the working expenses scheme, then the value of the computer glasses for the payroll tax is stated at nil. In that case the glasses must remain in the workplace. If an employee uses the glasses privately as well, then the glasses can only be provided tax-free if used for at least 90% for business purposes. It is always clever to consult the Tax authorities on the reimbursement of computer glasses or to contact your tax advisor to verify whether the computer glasses are tax-deductible or allowed to be reimbursed tax-free.

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