How does it work?

How does it work?

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Measuring Screen Glasses, Safety Glasses or Otoplastics through Seeh

seeh and Hans Anders make it very easy for you to purchase screen glasses or safety glasses or otoplastics for your employees. You can contact one of the 260 branches of Hans Anders near you where the opticians and hearing care professionals of Hans Anders will be there for you.


You can register your organization online. After processing your company details, you will receive your login details from us. Your personal login makes ordering very easy!


The login details can be used to create order forms. With this order form your employees can go to a store nearby to choose, measure and order glasses or otoplastics as desired.

Adjust Glasses

In order to provide your employee with the correct screen glasses or safety glasses, an extensive eye test takes place first. After delivery of the glasses, we take care of adjusting the glasses so that your employee wears the glasses with pleasure. This service is included in our price. That’s all perfectly normal to us.

Otoplastics measurement and periodic control in the shop

Directly download the required order forms with which employees can have otoplastics measured of checked in the store. Your employee can then make an appointment with a hearing care professional from Hans Anders nearby. That’s all you have to do to have hearing protection measured!

Making an appointment is also very easy. This can be done online via the website of seeh, via the website of Hans Anders or by calling 0800-0075. When your employee takes the order form to the Hans Anders store, the otoplastics are immediately measured.

Otoplastics measurement and periodic control on location

Would you prefer to have the otoplastics measured at your location or checked periodically? For this too you only need to create an order form. We will then contact you to make an appointment for the measurement of the hearing protection. From 5 sets per session it is possible to have otoplastics measured or checked at your location.

Delivery and invoicing

Once the screen glasses, safety glasses and/or otoplastics are ready, your employee will be contacted directly. The measured glasses or otoplastics can then be collected at a convenient time. After the extradition seeh processes the order and we send your organization an invoice. So you can see that it takes you barely extra time to order glasses or otoplastics for your employees.

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