Reimbursement by employer

Reimbursement by employer

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Many employees are exposed to harmful noise levels every day. As an employee you do not want permanent hearing damage due to your work and also as an organisation you do not want your employees unnecessarily at risk. According to the Working Condition Act you are even obliged to offer professional hearing protection (such as otoplastics) to employees who are exposed to harmful noise levels. But what about the right to otoplastics and the reimbursement of this?

In the context of noise exposure and the prevention of hearing damage, hearing protection must be made available to employees from an exposure of 80dB(A). This means that hearing protection from 80dB (A) is reimbursed by the employer. The compensation for hearing protection is ‘paid’ in the form of, for example, otoplastics. It’s that simple.


From 85 dB(A), employees and employers are not only required to be provided with a reimbursement for hearing protection, but there is also a compulsary usage for the provided means. This should also be supervised by the employer.


With your otoplastics reimbursement you can easily turn to seeh. The hearing care professionals of Hans Anders would like to help employees in a location near them. Organizations can sign up online and download purchase orders that cover the otoplastics reimbursement. Employees can make an appointment online or by telephone via 0800-0075 to have otoplastics measured. They have the choice of hard and soft otoplastics, possibly with a cord or detection bullet.

seeh. ensures that employees are unburdened from A to Z by offering completely customized otoplastics and that organizations are unburdened from A to Z by guiding the entire process from order form to invoice. We know how much work it is, and we will gladly take that out of your hands.

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