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Measuring earplugs

The earplugs of Hans Anders Zakelijk can be measured at one of the 260 Hans Anders shops or at your location. That’s the convenience of ear plugs measured via seeh. We know better than anyone else how we can take over work of employees ánd employers.

Measuring earplugs via seeh., this is how it works

First of all, register your organization online once via our registration form. After processing your company data you will receive your login details with which you can take the first step towards ear plugs. With your personal login you can now download purchase orders directly and make an appointment with which employees can have earplugs measured at your location or in the store.

Measuring earplugs in the store

When you choose to have the earplugs measured in the store, you can download purchase orders directly. Then your employee can easily make an appointment with a hearing care professional from Hans Anders in his neighborhood. Adopting earplugs becomes a piece of cake for both employers and employees.

You can make an appointment for fitting earplugs online or by calling 0800-0075. With the order form your employee can immediately go to the Hans Anders store where the hearing care professional will fit the earplugs. It is therefore very easy for your employees to have earplugs measured.

Measuring earplugs on location

When you choose to measure earplugs on location, you can also download an order form with your personal login. We will contact you to make an appointment for the fitting of the earplugs. Adopting earplugs and the annual check-up at your location is possible from 5 sets per session.

Delivery and invoicing

When the earplugs are ready  and delivered through the store, your employees will be contacted. He or she can then pick up the customized earplugs at a time that suits them best.

When the customized earplugs have to be delivered on location you will be contacted to make a new appointment. Hereafter the purchase order is processed by seeh. and your organization receives the invoice from us. We take over the entire process from login to invoice. We like to do that.

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