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Many workers are exposed to harmful noise levels on a daily basis. Therefore it is not a coincidence that hearing damage is one of the most frequently reported occupational diseases. From when do we call the noise level harmful? When someone is exposed to sounds of more than 80dB(A) for at least 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, this can cause permanent damage. And of course nobody benefits from this, neither your employees nor your company. As a company, you are obliged to take (appropriate) measures to minimize hearing damage among employees.

It is not only the most obvious professional groups that are often subjected to hearing damage. In addition to jobs in the (road) construction, transport and industry, employees also run a risk of harmful noises in other professions, such as in recreation and services and in large kitchens in institutions, hospitals, nurseries and schools. Therefore, do not take any risks and make sure that your employees are well protected. Otoplastics help you with this. Because before you know it, it’s is too late!

Otoplastics protect against harmful noise levels

When your employees are exposed to noise levels above 80dB (A), you – as an employer – are obliged to offer professional hearing protection, for example in the form of otoplastics. When your employees are daily exposed to noise levels of 85dB (A) or more, they are actually obliged to wear this hearing protection at work. If the noise levels really exceed 87dB (A), or at the peak sound pressure of 140 dB (C), immediate action must be taken to bring the noise levels below the limit value. The noise levels are measured in the ear while the hearing protection is worn. You have to comply with these rules as an employer. The well-being of your employees must always be a priority.

Furthermore, as an employer, it is your duty to inform your staff about the risks of harmful noise levels and to provide them with a hearing test to determine whether the measures taken are sufficient.

The customized earplugs or otoplastics of Hans Anders Zakelijk

With the otoplastics of Hans Anders Zakelijk, you can be sure that your employees are well protected against harmful noise levels. We offer both hard and soft otoplastics. You can also choose custom-made otoplastics for a suitable damping filter, depending on the exposure to noise. Our otoplastics are both comfortable and safe to work with. We therefore see applications for our earplugs from all kinds of other branches, and not just from the construction and industry. Fortunately more and more companies and employees are aware of the risks of exposure to harmful noise levels and what the consequences of this may be.

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