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Prices otoplastics

Transparant, clear and sharp

Transparent, clear and sharp. These are the hallmarks of the services we provide around otoplastics and their price. Thanks to our extensive knowledge, years of experience and the large network we have built up, we only deliver high-quality otoplastics and we can keep the costs low. And we believe that is also what you are looking for in a partner. All the expertise in the field of hearing protection, safety and regulation – you cannot delude us – and a ‘the customer is king’ attitude. And this is true. At least that’s what we believe.

Otoplastics: costs more manageable

The otoplastics of seeh. are very attractive for companies. Because we work with an online ordering and management platform, it is clear in one overview how the budget and the consumption per employee or department is set. That makes your (otoplastics) costs more manageable. And the price should not be an obstacle. With our approach we take a large part of your administrative work out of your hands and this is included in our otoplastics prices. That’s quite incredible, isn’t it?


Check the current otoplastics prices immediately and sign up as a customer. With your login details you can directly download purchase orders for custom-made hearing protection or make an appointment to have the otoplastics measured at your company. The price for our different variants is shown below. Both the price of the hard and the soft version of the customized earplugs and the price for adding a cord or detection bullet.

Professional earplugs, professional service, professional prices.

The prices are EXCLUSIVE of VAT and are valid for measuring in a Hans Anders location in your area.

Noizezz Custom otoplastics Price
Noizezz Custom otoplastics, hard version, including cord and clip € 90.08
Noizezz Custom otoplastics, soft version, including cord and clip € 90.08
                         Extra Options Noizezz custom otoplastics
Detection bullet €  3.00

De otoplastics van Noizezz come standard with cord, clothing clip, pouch and cerumenpen. On the Noizezz otoplastics a guarantee of three months is given on fit and of two months on the material and the filters. 

Measuring at your location

The Noizezz otoplastics can also be measured and delivered at your location. If you would like more information about the possibilities, prices and conditions, please feel free to contact us.