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Safety glasses with corrective lenses

You may expect that you can work safely at your workplace. But when your vision is reduced, this can lead to dangerous situations. With the Superior Line and Top Line safety glasses from Hans Anders Zakelijk, we offer the most complete safety glasses with corrective lenses for the best price. The safety spectacles of the Superior Line and Top Line are equipped with the latest generation of lenses that offer added value in practically all fields of work compared to traditional glass types.

What makes our safety glasses with corrective lenses so special?

We believe that our (safety glass) lenses are first quality. It consists of a very high quality plastic, it is strong and has a high optical quality. The glass offers the eyes protection against harmful UV radiation (UV absorption up to 395 nm). And because of the very low weight of the glass, our safety glasses offer  a high wearing comfort. Not entirely irrelevant, right?

The good optical qualities of the material and the refinements in the different models enhance this comfort. We offer the active spectacle wearer  reliable, strong and safe safety glasses with corrective lenses. Whatever he does and wherever he works. All our safety glasses are CE-marked, meet the important EN-166 standard for safety glasses and provide protection against external impact. Another additional proof for our quality and reliability.

Superior Line
Safety glasses

  • Hardest scratch-resistant coating
  • Superior antireflective coating
  • Water and moisture repellent due to the extremely smooth design
  • Dirt and grease repellent so that the glasses need to be cleaned less quickly and are easier to clean
  • Antistatic so that less dust is attracted

Top Line
Safety glasses

  • Offer protection against harmful UV radiation
  • Antireflective coating
  • Scratch-resistant coating
  • Anti-water coating, which makes the drop easy to roll off and lenses steam up less quickly when you go from a cold to a warm environment

Ordering safety glasses online

Thanks to the quality of our glass, the use of the most modern techniques and the good protection against external impact, many companies from the construction, industry, chemical, petrochemical and installation world have been able to find us.

Which prescription safety glasses of Hans Anders fit best with your employees and their work environment? Take a look at our range and find the right safety glasses with which you can make the first step to buying safety glasses.

You can’t decide which safety glasses you can best buy for your employees? We are happy to give you advice about working glasses without any obligation. That’s what we are here for.

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