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Product information safety glasses

The Superior Line and the Top Line

For our safety glasses with corrective lenses we have chosen the Superior Line and the Top Line. Below you can find more information about our safety glasses. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Superior Line safety glasses

  • Hardest scratch-resistant coating
  • Superior antireflective coating
  • Water and moisture repellent due to the extremely smooth design
  • Dirt and grease repellent so that the glasses need to be cleaned less quickly and are easier to clean
  • Antistatic so that less dust is attracted

Top Line safety glasses

  • Offer protection against harmful UV radiation
  • Antireflective coating
  • Scratch-resistant coating
  • Anti-water coating, which makes the drop easy to roll off and lenses steam up less quickly when you go from a cold to a warm environment