Reimbursement by employer

Reimbursement by employer

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An employer must ensure the safety and health of his employees. In the case of employees coming into contact with substances or materials that may cause splinters (or loose particles) during their work, it is important that they wear the correct eye protection in the form of safety glasses. But what about prescription safety glasses and the reimbursement by the employer?

There are two measures that an employer can take before he is obliged to make safety glasses available. First, he must map out what measures have been or may be taken to make protection of the eyes superfluous. If this is not possible, the exposure time to possible risks should be reduced. If this is neither possible, an employee, according to the Working Conditions Decree, is entitled to a safety glasses reimbursement by the employer.

An employer must first carry out a risk inventory and evaluation (RI&E). So there is a lot involved. Fortunately, seeh. not provides the perfect safety glasses, but also takes care of the entire administrative processing. That makes a difference!


At seeh. you at the right place for safety glasses with corrective lenses. We can also tell you everything about the reimbursement by employer(s). How can it be arranged? We are happy to go through all the steps with you so that everything is completely clear. And then we will look for the right safety glasses. One that meets the EN-166 standard of course. With glass of the very best quality, which is not heavy at all and provides excellent protection against unsafe situations and harmful UV radiation. Our attractively priced, professional safety glasses have a high wearing comfort and a very good optical quality. Just what you need to work safely and pleasantly.

Your employees are welcome at more than 260 Hans Anders locations throughout the Netherlands. So there is always an establishment in the neighborhood, which lowers the threshold to actually order safety glasses. Do you have any questions about us, our eyewear or our service? Please feel free to contact one of our employees. We would like to tell you more about our advantages.

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seeh. and Hans Anders make it very easy for you to purchase safety glasses for your employees.


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