Choose the right screen glasses

Choose the right screen glasses

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People who work often and intensely on the computer may suffer from complaints. Such as less sharp vision, fatigue, headache of neck pain, burning eyes but also insomnia. Screen glasses are designed to increase the comfort of computer work and to prevent or minimize complaints. Just to be able to work pleasantly.

Do your tasks consist of a lot of reading and computer work, do you regularly have to consult with others or have meetings or do you often have to walk from one workplace to another? Good screen glasses are customized to your work. seeh. has the right solution for all kinds of situations.


Single vision lenses are used in static work, such as work in which a lot of reading and screen work is done at the same workplace. These lenses are mainly used by employees aged between 38 an 42 years.


Multifocal lenses combine prescription lenses for far-sight with lenses for near-sight, without being visible in the lenses. With multifocal glasses you easily switch between nearby, the intermediate area and far away because the glasses have a natural course from plus to minus strength.

For the multifocal screen glasses we have chosen Workforce Nearview, Midview and Longview. These lenses have different strengths; for close, the intermediate area and far away. The distances in the lenses are tuned between 40 centimeters and a maximum of 6 meters good eyesight. This ensures that you can sit in a natural position behind your screen and also carry out your other work well. Actually everywhere.


Workforce Nearview lenses are used in static work, such as work in which a lot of reading and computer work is performed in the same workplace.


We recommend Workforce Midview lenses for a combination of screen work, office work and attending meetings. These lenses are perfect if you work mainly on short distances. They offer the widest possible, sharp field of view up to 2 meters away. When you move away from the workplace, we advise you to turn off the screen glasses.


If you have a dynamic function in which you have to walk a lot from one workplace to another, attend meetings and perform screen work and office work, then Workforce Longview lenses are the ideal solution for you. These advanced office lenses have virtually no distortion and give a sharp image up to 6 feet away. You can also keep on wearing your screen glasses in most work situations.


You dertermine the choice of the frame yourself. The order form allows you, as an employer, to indicate in advance whether your employee can choose from the entire House collection of Hans Anders, or that he or she may also choose from the collection of A-brands for a small extra price; an assortment of more than 750 models that is constantly being renewed.


From an age of about 43 years, your eyes generally decline. Often it becomes more difficult to see well at a short distance. Reading glasses then offer a solution. Reading glasses are suitable for a reading distance of 30 to 35 centimeters, but a screen often stands at a distance of 50 to 60 centimeters, which means you can still get complaints. Screen glasses are suitable for this. Perfect for anyone who does long-term screen work.


Multifocal glasses are a good choice for most daily situations. However at work multifocal glasses are of limited value. This is because multifocal glasses have two optimal viewing areas. A part for nearby and a part for afar. The viewing area for the intermediate distance is very narrow. While working behind a computer, you look through the lower part of the lenses to your screen as well. That is why you will raise your head to see everything properly. When you sit in this unnatural posture for a long time, a lot of pressure is put on your neck and shoulders.

A pair of screen glasses then offers the solution for complaints that may arise from office work. Screen glasses are glasses that give you optimal visibility when performing screen work. The glasses are specially made to look close, middle-far and far comfortably. As a result, you are assured that you are seeing clearly and have a good working posture behind the computer. This is in contrast to the ordinary multifocal glasses and reading glasses, with which you can assume an incorrect posture behind the computer, which can subsequently result in neck and shoulder complaints.


When you want to purchase screen glasses, it is good to first fill in a workplace inventory form and take it to the Hans Anders store. The workplace inventory form can be found on the order form.


Eye measurements and associated advice are provided by well-trained and qualified employees of Hans Anders. Based on the available workplace inventory, the current used lenses and the results of the eye test, they can recommend good screen glasses.

When creating an order form, we will go through a number of questions to help you choose the right screen glasses. You make the choice to what extent your employees and the optician have the freedom to determine the best possible screen glasses. Our specialists will gladly assist you with completing your first order forms. You can feel free to ask us.

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