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Product information screen glasses

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The thickness of the spectacle lenses depends on the prescription of the glasses and of the material. The materials are distinguished according to the refractive index, which determines the thickness to a significant extent. Ordinary lenses generally have a refractive index of 1.5, lenses that are thinner have a refractive index of 1.6 and our thinnest lenses have a refractive index of 1.67.

With heavy corrections it is recommended to choose thinner glasses. This looks nicer and the glasses weigh less, which in turn ensures greater wearing comfort. It may happen that your employee has to get used to this. The properties of thin lenses sometimes cause headaches because they are flatter. In almost all cases this disappears after a while.


The screen glasses of Hans Anders Zakelijk are always provided with a scratch-resistant layer and anti-reflective coating. A scratch-resistant layer is dirt and water repellent which makes the glasses easier to keep clean. So equipped with all comforts.


A good reflection on the lens prevents the reflected light from obstructing the view. The light that falls on the front of a spectacle lens is reflected several times in the glass itself. Light that falls on the back of a lens is reflected in your eye. With an anti-reflection, your eyes are better seen, you see sharper and your eyes get tired less quickly. The screen glasses of Hans Anders Zakelijk are always provided with a multiple coating or super-reflection. Because we always go for the best.


Hans Anders Business offers the special finishing layer Clean Coat. This is an extra layer on top of the non-reflecting lenses, which creates a smooth surface. Because of this layer, moisture, dust and dirt adhere less quickly to the lens, making the lenses even easier to clean. Moreover, lenses with Clean Coat are even better protected from scratches.


We are increasingly looking at screens such as a computer, tablet, smartphone or television. These screens emit a high intensity of blue light. This blue light is naturally occurring in daylight and helps us stay awake. Did you know that your eyes can get tired or overloaded because of this? Burning or tired eyes, blurred vision and even insomnia are the adverse effects when exposed too much to blue light.

The Blue Filter coating neutralizes the blue light that is radiated by your screen and gives your eyes more rest. With the Blue Filter you have screen glasses that are very suitable for digital work. Glasses that make working even more pleasant.

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