Reimbursement by employer

Reimbursement by employer

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Screen work should not pose a risk to the employee performing this screen work. Employers are therefore obliged, by law, to exclude this risk. This is possible by offering appropriate screen glasses to workers. Employees who need reading glasses and perform screen work are entitled to screen glasses, which are reimbursed by their employer. This also applies to employees who need screen glasses and, on average, spend more than two hours a day behind a screen. Which they achieve in no time!


In many professions, screen work can no longer be ignored or avoided. This can cause many nasty health complaints, such as pain in the arms, neck and shoulders or eye complaints. Because the eyelids barely blink during intensive screen work, the eyeball becomes too dry and eye fatigue can occur. The law obliges employers to offer employees the opportunity to undergo an eye examination prior to work or in the in the event of eye complaints. This should be included in their working conditions, as well as a scheme for the reimbursement of screen glasses, if necessary.

It is important for the employer to switch and intervene in a timely manner when eye complaints arise, and to determine the regulation for the reimbursement of screen glasses. This is to prevent aggravation of the complaints or the occurrence of the complaints. And we want to avoid that, right?


Sometimes it is possible to deduct the costs for resources from the Tax authorities. If an employer makes use of the working expenses scheme, then the value of the screen glasses for the payroll tax is stated at nil. In that case the glasses must remain in the workplace. If an employee uses the glasses privately as well, then the glasses can only be provided tax-free if used for at least 90% for business purposes. It is always clever to consult the Tax authorities on the reimbursement of screen glasses or to contact your tax advisor to verify whether the computer glasses are tax-deductible or allowed to be reimbursed tax-free.

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