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The Working Conditions Act contains rules that contribute to healthy and safe working. This law is divided into three levels: the Working Conditions Act, the Health and Safety Decree and the Working Conditions Regulation.. The Health and Safety Decree has two directives when it comes to risks related to screen ​​work.

  • Screen work shoud be alternated with other work after two hours or a pause should be inserted.
  • Employees should be given the opportunity to undergo an examination before they start with screen work or when eye complaints arise during computer work.

Employers are obliged to pay attention in their risk inventory and evaluation (RI&E) to the possible risks of screen work and what they do to limit these risks for employees. The dangers for physical and psychological stress and eyesight must be named herein, as well as the right to previously mentioned eye examination. A possible reimbursement for screen glasses should also be included in this according to the OHS.


The Working Conditions Decree lists the following measures for employees who perform screen work:

  • Every employee who performs screen work for the first time has the right to undergo appropriate examinination of the eyes and eyesight.
  • If visual disturbances occur that may result from screen work, the employee may undergo another eye examination again.
  • If the results of the eye examination ask for this, the employee in question may also undergo an ophthalmological examination (medical eye examination).
  • If the results of previous examinations require this and normal eye correction means can not be used, the employee concerned will be given special eye correction tools.

Employees who need reading glasses and do screen work, and employees who on average work more than two hours a day behind a monitor and who benefit from screen glasses, must be reimbursed those according to the OHS. The Occupational Health and Safety Act therefore says about screen glasses that the purchase costs must be reimbursed by the employer.


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